New CCFL Members

  • Law Firm COBALT

    Law Firm COBALT
    We are a closely integrated alliance of top-tier law offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, making us one of the largest law firms in the Baltic market. Our history in Estonia dates back to 1990, in Latvia to 1994, in Lithuania to 2001 and in Belarus to 2008. COBALT...

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  • FHM Solutions

    FHM Solutions
    FHM Solutions is a service company specializing in Web, Mobile and Webmarketing. Visionary and innovative, we address demanding clients leading projects with high added value and requiring significant R&D. SMEs, Big companies and Start-Ups, are among our happy customers. FHM Solutions est une société de services spécialisée dans les domaines du...

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  • IMPERIAL Hotel & Restaurant

    IMPERIAL Hotel & Restaurant
    IMPERIAL Hotel & Restaurant presents its guests with a blend of comfort, style and individual design. Gracious amenities and intuitive service are the hallmarks of our service experience, which also includes an exclusive collection of 55 individually decorated elegant rooms & suites, glamorous spa, fitness center, executive boardroom, fully equipped...

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  • UAB “Eurodalys”


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  • Eurolex

    Cabinet d’avocats “Vadapalas, Vaitekūnas ir partneriai EUROLEX” Fondée en 2003, le Cabinet d’avocats “Vadapalas, Vaitekūnas ir partneriai EUROLEX” fournit très vaste gamme des services juridiques aux entreprises. Notre cabinet est spécialisé dans le droit des affaires, droit de concurrence, droit de l’Union européenne et le droit international, droit de la propriété foncière, la...

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