New CCFL Members

  • UAB “Eurodalys”


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  • Eurolex

    Cabinet d’avocats “Vadapalas, Vaitekūnas ir partneriai EUROLEX” Fondée en 2003, le Cabinet d’avocats “Vadapalas, Vaitekūnas ir partneriai EUROLEX” fournit très vaste gamme des services juridiques aux entreprises. Notre cabinet est spécialisé dans le droit des affaires, droit de concurrence, droit de l’Union européenne et le droit international, droit de la propriété foncière, la...

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  • Ellex Valiunas

    Ellex Valiunas 25 - Logo - V - JPG - Blue background
    Ellex Valiunas, a member of Ellex, a circle of leading Baltic law firms, is the largest specialised legal team in Lithuania, with a solid portfolio of cross-border experience both in international projects and landmark local deals in the region since its formation in 1992. With 99 legal professionals and the...

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  • Ligne Roset

    Known for its artful collaborations with both established and up-and- coming talents in contemporary design, Ligne Roset offers consumers an entire lifestyle in which to live both boldly and beautifully via its furniture collections and complimentary decorative accessories, lighting, rugs, textiles and occasional items. Address: Vytenio g. 13, Vilnius Telephone: + 370...

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  • OBI-Consulting

    Address: Sodų g. 7 – 9, Vilnius LT-01313 Telephone: +370 5 212 3379 / +370 5 2 603097 Email: Website:

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