Gera Muzika Gyvai, VšĮ

The non-profit organization “Gera Muzika Gyvai” was established in 2006 and during the last couple of years has intensively promoted the world music style. Every month  they present one of this unique style music performance for Vilnius and Kaunas audience.

They innovatively look at world music cuisine and without the equivalent in both Lithuania and Eastern Europe, they try to acquaint the audience with other cultures and their musical horizons, to raise awareness and improve the nations, races, mutual tolerance and to strengthen people’s unity.

GMG started from blues, jazz and other musical styles, now dedicating all our efforts to introduce to the listeners of Lithuania quite a new world music genre. The World music for the first time as an independent style of music was named in 1980, it covers both Western-sounding traditional music of different nations, as well as European or North American melodies, enriched with elements of ethnic music. The world has become so small that music of different cultures began to mix with each other giving us new accords and unexpected discoveries.

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