Eurolinen, UAB

Lithuanian / French private limited company “Eurolinen” has been established in Lithuania in 1992 and belongs to SANECO S.A.S.
Saneco Group is a fully integrated company from fiber to finished goods, specialized exclusively in Linen/ flax and distributing fiber, yarn, fabric and finished goods in more than 30 countries
“Eurolinen” is one of the production and trading company in the group, specialized in Flax fiber and production of linen twine.
Our products are:

  •  Flax fiber for technical purpose (paper, car industry, insulation), as well as for textile industry
  • Linen yarn for agriculture, food industry, filtration, ropes, ..
  •  Linen rope
  •  Linen shieves for biofuel

We offer products of our Group:

  • Linen yarns
  • Linen fabrics


Tel. +370 5 260 19 70, +370 5 260 19 71

V.A.Graičiūno str. 32, LT-02241 Vilnius