Roquette Amilina, AB

Roquette Amilina AB, bio-refinery structured industrial wheat mill, co-owned by an international corporate „Roquette“ and entrepreneurs from Lithuania, is based in Panevezys, the heart city of Lithuanian agroindustrial business and the Baltic Wheat Belt.

One of the TOP4 EU native starch manufacturers, Roquette Amilina processes wheat into native and cationic starches, provides a large scale of products dedicated for nature based high carbohydrate food and non-food applications, widely used as raw material for various industries, including paper and cardboard, textile, chemistry. The produced wheat glucose syrups serve food & beverages industrial markets, consumed as sweeteners, texturizing agents, spray-drying carriers, anti-crystallising agents, binding agents. The remaining fibre and protein rich by-products provide specific functionality to a wide range of compound animal feeds.

Driven by innovation Roquette Amilina strives to perfection and total customers satisfaction with daily challenges for all parts in production chain. Its mission – to process the local resource into products of high added value – combines with a full passion for a maximum result and development towards achievement.

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