Role, Mission and Principles:

Since its creation in 2001 in Vilnius the French – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce has been steadily advancing its activities. In 2018 Philippe Berthaud was elected as new President;  Ieva Pliuškienė  is the Executive Director of the Chamber.

The French – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is an association, a non-profit organization, which has been established  to promote and develop business relations between the French and Lithuanian enterprises.

The Chamber maintains excellent relations with Lithuanian and French government and public institutions, is very active in Lithuania and has 72 properly represented active members from different sectors: transports and logistics, legal advice and business consultancy, banking, accounting, hotels, restaurants, IT, food processing industry and others.

Whom you know and what others know – is the most valuable asset of Chamber of Commerce members.  We bring together people and their ideas to build strong relations, share experience and work together to bring power and capacity, and to have a significant impact in building our community.

French and Lithuanian companies, organizations and individual members are invited to join the Chamber and take active part in its activities.

Being the member of our Chamber means also being the member of the network of 113 French-International Chambers of Commerce, uniting 32000 enterprises in 83 countries as French – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is the member of the CCI France International (former Union des Chambres de Commerce et d’industrie Françaises à l’étranger (UCCIFE)).


  • We are creating and giving the value added to business by our activities.
  • We are accurate, tolerant, fair, reliable and result-oriented.
  • We believe informed, united and proactive people are in the best position to positively impact the community and thus, the future.